Motion Graphics and Blender

test render


So we decided to test Blender’s ability to do motion graphics. So far it is doing a good job of handling basic text animation. I found myself creating work arounds for more complex motions during this project but that was not really a bad thing because I learned more about the program in the process.

Since we are still in the animatic phase of the commercial, I have not had a chance to drive into the graph editor yet to see how well it works.  The little time I have spent in the dope sheet, I found it to be sufficient. It has its set of quirks that require getting used to.


Dope Sheet on the left and Graph Editor on the right

Dope Sheet on the left and Graph Editor on the right

Check back soon to see the finished spot.


QuD Promo Video

We recently finished a promo video for our app QuD. Since the video sits in the Google Play Store, we decided to keep the explanation minimal since the user has all relevant application information right in from of them.



The Secret Government Eggo Project has claimed its first victim. During an inking accident that set the project back weeks, poor Karl was separated from his body when a blotch of ink consumed his better half and transported it to heaven knows where. We ask if you have seen Karl’s body to please comment below.


Getting Ready to Design

As we inch close to Beta, I am getting ready to work on UX and UI design for QuD.

I will try to post more often about the progress of QuD since the feature set is about to be locked in place. Check back often to see how the user experience is coming long.


The Eggo is Alive with Light!!!

What’s up internet universe! How was your weekend? Our weekend was good, not great, just good. But good is good right?

Speaking of good, here is a beautifully rendered image of the Light of the Eggo.  Thanks to the rendering power of Jamal’s Cerberus PC. Just a simple light study for the SGEP (aka Secret Government Eggo Project). Showcasing some light bounce, shadow casting, and such.

More to come soon. So watch the skies! The TRUTH is out THERE!


The Secret Government Eggo Project Update #1

Eggo project alpha channel testing…preparing breakfast pastry.

Test #2

We took the time to test a few techniques before committing to a style.  It is a good thing we did. We ran into an issue with with objects causing incorrect shadows when stacked over a certain amount of layers.

Test #4

This lighting and multi-layer test is an extreme example which shows the shadow problem has been eliminated.


The New Fast Food

You may ask yourself…what’s it like interning with M3Grafix? You should ask yourself what happens to interns after they leave M3Grafix…

They end up on the menu of the newest restaurant in town!


That’s right boys and girls! You too can become the next tasty sensation on the menu of Finger Lickin’ Lizard!! Brought to you by the twisted mind of Jamal and rendered from the twisted hand of Josh. BLAM!!!