Monthly Archives: February 2014



The Secret Government Eggo Project has claimed its first victim. During an inking accident that set the project back weeks, poor Karl was separated from his body when a blotch of ink consumed his better half and transported it to heaven knows where. We ask if you have seen Karl’s body to please comment below.


Getting Ready to Design

As we inch close to Beta, I am getting ready to work on UX and UI design for QuD.

I will try to post more often about the progress of QuD since the feature set is about to be locked in place. Check back often to see how the user experience is coming long.


The Eggo is Alive with Light!!!

What’s up internet universe! How was your weekend? Our weekend was good, not great, just good. But good is good right?

Speaking of good, here is a beautifully rendered image of the Light of the Eggo. ¬†Thanks to the rendering power of Jamal’s Cerberus PC. Just a simple light study for the SGEP (aka Secret Government Eggo Project). Showcasing some light bounce, shadow casting, and such.

More to come soon. So watch the skies! The TRUTH is out THERE!