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QuD Software Development

QuD Promo Video

We recently finished a promo video for our app QuD. Since the video sits in the Google Play Store, we decided to keep the explanation minimal since the user has all relevant application information right in from of them.

Getting Ready to Design

As we inch close to Beta, I am getting ready to work on UX and UI design for QuD.

I will try to post more often about the progress of QuD since the feature set is about to be locked in place. Check back often to see how the user experience is coming long.


QuD Alpha Version Released

An update to QuD has been uploaded to the Google Play Store and will be available shortly.

This adds report viewing and some changes to the jobs view layout.


The reports view will show the full time log and when link jobs were completed. This feature is going to be updated shortly to allow you to mark the jobs as billed so they disappear from the reports list.  You can mark them as billed in the web interface.

You can also use the web interface to view all previous projects using the clients panel. 

The reports area in the web interface will show you recently completed job only.