It’s ALIVE!!!

Most of you have seen our website so you may have noticed a little green guy with one eye…or two depending on the posse. This is our “mascot.” If not check out the website and go to the about section.

Below is his first venture into Blender, soon he will experience a ┬ánew look we like to call lazy fit. Because who wants to be crazy fit…am I right…hello?

Anyway enjoy the WIP stills here:


QuD Alpha Version Released

An update to QuD has been uploaded to the Google Play Store and will be available shortly.

This adds report viewing and some changes to the jobs view layout.


The reports view will show the full time log and when link jobs were completed. This feature is going to be updated shortly to allow you to mark the jobs as billed so they disappear from the reports list.  You can mark them as billed in the web interface.

You can also use the web interface to view all previous projects using the clients panel. 

The reports area in the web interface will show you recently completed job only.

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Virginia Museum of Transportation:Activity Book App (Updated)


Recently M3 was contacted by The Virginia Museum of Transportation to produce an Android version of its field trip activity book for 7th graders. Under regular circumstances producing an app has challenges, but this app needed to be completed and installed on 14 tablets in 3 days.

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