QuD Getting Started

Current Version – v0.0.9.17a


QuD is currently in alpha and has no documentation, so this guide will help you get started with the software.

What is QuD?

QuD is a time tracking tool for freelancers and small teams. It provides the ability to manage projects on a per client basis.

Getting the App

If the app is already installed on your device. You will need to uninstall it before you continue to insure you are running the latest version that receives proper updates.

It is recommended that you do the following using your browser.

You will need to be a member of QuD Alpha Tester Community on Google+

Go to Google+ and search for QuD or go here ( ) and request to join.

Once in the QuD Community

  1. Click the Alpha Tester Link
  2. Click Become a Tester
  3. Download QuD – Time Tracker from Play Store
  4. In the Play Store  – Click Install
  5. Choose the device you want to install QuD on.

Using QuD

You now need to do two things in order to begin tracking time.
Those are to add 1 client and 1 service type.

It may be faster to read the below instructions, but is a video is more convenient for you we have that too.

Add a Service

  1. Tap the QuD logo to reveal the navigation drawer
  2. Tap Services
  3. Tap the (+) icon
  4. Type the name of your service.
    • Designing
    • Mowing
    • Delivery

If you want to have child services, just choose one of the newly created services from the drop-down menu

Check Your Version

Make sure you have the latest version.

  1. Click the QuD Logo and Choose Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to system.
  3. Compare that with the version number at the top of this page.

Adding a Client

  1. Tap the QuD logo to reveal the navigation drawer
  2. Tap Clients
  3. Tap the (+) icon
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Click the Add Client button located at the bottom of the form.

Creating a Job

Now it is time for you to create a job.

From the Jobs Screen

  1. Click the (+) icon
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Click Assign

Timing a Job

Time to track some time!
Tap on the Job you want to time

  1. You can swipe from right to left to reveal the time logger
  2. Tap “What are you working on” and add a note of what you are working on. Keep this entry short, but descriptive. This entry can be located using the apps search feature in the future.
  3. Tap the check icon to begin the timer

The live timer will appear after a few seconds.
Tap the ( x)to stop timing the job.

There are several other features. Give those a look and please provide feedback in the G+ community

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